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Collaborating for a Greener Tomorrow

Meet our partners, key players in renewable energy, jointly driving innovation and efficiency in sustainable solutions.

Power Inverters / Batteries


To bring quality to your home and workplace, ME Green has chosen to partner with the best and most renowned manufacturers, with over 30 years' experience in the renewable energy sector.

STUDER INNOTEC is a Swiss manufacturer, whose mission is to offer innovative and robust products, made in Switzerland (hybrid inverters and solar chargers), as well as the longest service and warranty (15 years). With our alliance, our common vision is to create AUTARCIE: solar independence ensuring intelligent energy, day and night, thanks to well-managed energy storage, maximising our contribution to decarbonisation and the energy transition.

Public Solar Lighting

Sunna Design

ME Green has teamed up with SUNNA DESIGN, a leading European solar energy management manufacturer specialising in connected solar street lighting.

Our collaboration with a leading European company, a pioneer in the manufacture of intelligent, innovative and recyclable streetlights with long life and unrivalled performance, will enable our customers to take energy efficiency to the next level. Our strategy is to build the cities, regions and rural environments of tomorrow with clean, affordable energy.


The Sunlight Group

ME Green has teamed up with Europe's leading battery manufacturer with the highest standards, THE SUNLIGHT GROUP.our partnership is based on shared values such as high quality, precision, durability and an ecological approach. Sunlight operates in its own industrial complex and is the world's largest manufacturer of batteries (lithium-ion, lead-acid and gel) investing in different innovative technologies while respecting environmental standards.

The SUNLIGHT group is a leader in recycling its own batteries, respecting the principles of the circular economy while adapting to market conditions and customer needs.