Sustainable Energy Solutions in Luxembourg

Discover ME Green's commitment to sustainability and innovation across the globe:

  • Local Teams, Worldwide Presence
  • 400+ Projects Completed
  • High-Quality European Products
  • Innovative Energy Solutions

We are the experts in energy solutions for B2B and B2C in Luxembourg.

ME Green is at the forefront of delivering innovative and reliable renewable energy solutions in Luxembourg, catering to both business and consumer needs. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Customized Solutions: Tailored energy systems for businesses and homes, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.
  • Premium Quality: Using top European materials for durable and high-performing installations.
  • Expert Team: Combining local insights with global expertise to meet Luxembourg’s energy needs.
  • Advanced Technology: Specializing in the latest in photovoltaics and wind energy for cutting-edge solutions.
  • Sustainability Commitment: Driving Luxembourg towards a greener future with our eco-friendly energy solutions.

In Luxembourg, ME Green is not just an energy provider but a partner in sustainable development, helping to shape a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Global Expertise, Local Impact

  • Financing

    • Preparation of a technical and financial study.
    • Possibility of securing financing through a third party investment.
  • Project Design

    • Data collection and analysis.
    • Energy audits.
    • Design of customised solutions.
  • Construction

    • Setting up a steering committee.
    • Mobilisation of the implementation team in the field.
    • Implementation of the designed solution.
  • Maintenance

    • Equipment maintenance.
    • On-site assistance and support.
    • Dismantling facility.
    • Recycling of equipment at end of life.

Solar Panels

Our variety of Jinko Solar, Znshine and Canadian Solar photovoltaic panels ensure quality and resistance.

Wind Turbines

Harness the Power of Wind: Unleash Sustainable Energy for a Brighter Future.

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Thermal Solutions

Solar water heaters and heat recovery

Smart Streetlights

Enhance Your Urban Environment with Intelligent Street Lighting.

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How ME Green Guides Customers on Local Regulations in Luxembourg?

It is important for consumers to find out about local aid and regulations in force in Luxembourg.

Although ME Green is not a guarantor of the rights and duties of consumers in the local country, we provide links to relevant websites for Luxembourg regulations.