Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions

Explore our range of solar, wind, thermal, and smart lighting solutions. Find the perfect energy installation tailored to your unique needs.


Industrial and residential photovoltaic solutions

We develop turnkey photovoltaic solutions for industrial and residential projects, coupled either to generators or off-grid, with or without batteries. For off-grid solutions, we join forces with Studer-Innotec, for whom we are Quality Provider and distributor in Togo, Lebanon and Gabon.


Solar water heaters and heat recovery

We supply industrial and residential solar water heaters, as well as heat recovery systems for reclaiming heat from installations and biomass systems, meeting heating needs for domestic hot water, radiant floors and swimming pools.

Wind Turbines

Small-scale wind turbines and hybrid systems

We provide small-scale wind turbine solutions up to 20 kW. We implement hybrid systems where we integrate wind and photovoltaic solutions, to reduce the variability of energy production and dependence on batteries or generators.

Smart Streetlights

Intelligent solar street lighting

In partnership with Sunna Design, we provide innovative intelligent solar street lighting solutions specifically adapted to harsh environments and climates.

Value Added Services

  • Fiber Optics Solutions and Installations

    We offer complete installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks for high-speed data transmission.

  • Power Distribution Systems

    We offer customized energy distribution systems, optimizing the production and use of solar, wind and hybrid energy.

  • Electrical Network Infrastructure

    Our services cover the installation, modernization and maintenance of electrical infrastructures, for optimum energy management.