CHL Equestrian Club

The Equestrian club is now 99% off the grid and autonomous, shifting from highly consuming and polluting power that totally depended from diesel generators, to Solar that secured CLEAN and SAFE ENERGY.

Thanks to the 30 PV panels rated at 540 watts each, resulting in a total capacity of 16.2 kWp, 8 EU made Sunlight Lithium battery storage, each with a capacity of 5 KW providing a total storage of 40 kWh, 3 Studer Innotec XTH 8000 inverters, each providing 30 amps of clean power, the club is functional 24/7 securing the operation of its high energy consuming water pumps, field lights and apartments of the 4 employees that live in the premises.

A Life Changing decision that allowed the club administrators to SAVE Money and to ENHANCE their Net Zero Footprint.

Open Spaces & Leisure Areas Project


  • Capacité

    16.2 kWp

  • Énergie

  • CO2 Économisé

    460 Tons/year

  • Économies

    €7.000,00 EUR